Selling Sickness 2013

“booktivism” — a project for activism and awareness

Because talking about the issues raised at the conference shouldn’t stop when the conference ends, we have created a special Disease-Mongering Book Club and Curriculum Project we are calling “BOOKTIVISM”. 

There are many great recent books by doctors, journalists, lawyers, and ordinary citizens deeply affected and outraged by disease mongering. They expose the stories and the facts behind the selling of sickness by reckless marketers of medical products, tests and treatments.  We will have a BOOKTIVISM display and special workshop  at the conference, and many of the authors will be attending.

These books need to be read and shared, so we will give conference attendees book lists and reading guides with summaries, quotes, author backgrounds, and discussion questions. We will also provide handouts with guidelines for setting up “BOOKTIVISM” book clubs and using books about disease-mongering in the classroom.

Click here for the BOOKTIVISM materials distributed at the Selling Sickness conference.  Read, share, and enjoy!

Learn more about their books from the BOOKTIVISM authors.  Interviews recorded at the Selling Sickness conference.

David Healy
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Margaret McCartney

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Alison Bass

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Alan Cassels

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Peter Gotzsche

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Rosemary Gibson

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Jeremy Gruber

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John Abramson

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Kathleen Sharp

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Anne Rochon Ford

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Gail Hornstein

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