Selling Sickness 2013

making the conference program

Leonore flew out to Minneapolis this past weekend so she and Kim could sit at a big table with all the bits and pieces of program and finally put it all together. We’ve been speaking via Skype a couple of times a week (sometimes more) for months to deal with conference planning details, but we thought we should be in the same room looking together at the bits and pieces to lay out the program.

Of course it turned out that Minneapolis was experiencing its first snowstorm of the year this weekend and there were 8-10 inch snowdrifts. Slow driving. Slower walking. Breathtaking winter wonderland everywhere. But once we were inside, we had a cozy cave with nothing to do but get to work.

Over the hours we set up a two day schedule of keynotes, panels, workshops, symposia and lunch caucus meetings that should leave no one in doubt about the nature, extent, and dangers of “selling sickness.” Legal, news, and research angles are all represented – as well as reform, activist, and legislative initiatives.

Our major goal remains, as it was when we first set out to plan this conference, to facilitate interaction, dialog and collaboration among the many groups and individuals concerned about the growing “selling sickness” problem. We think it will happen – not a new organization – but a new spirit, a new sense of movement, a newly energized community. Take a look at the Schedule page of this website to see a provisional list and don’t forget to Register.

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